ASYLUM II Walkthrough

by Magic Chris

This walkthrough is tested with the Commodore 64
version on the PC64 Emulator and the TRS-80
version (Asylum II) on Jeff's Model 1 emulator.

Some of the items have different names, but they
have exactly the same purpose.

   | TRS-80 (ASYLUM II)   | C64 (ASYLUM)
G1 | nut fork             | credit card
G2 | gold key             | gold card
G3 | steel key            | silver card
G4 | stethoscope          | stethoscope
G5 | bean bag             | bean bag
G6 | bird costume         | bird costume
G7 | axe                  | axe
G8 | rocket belt          | rocket belt
   | pills                | drugs
   | ivory key            | platin card

Another big difference between the C64 and the
TRS-80 version is, that you can carry only
a limited amount of items on the TRS-80.
This can be difficult in certain situations,
and so I made some comments where it is best
to leave the items.

Text in quotation marks should be typed in
as it is; to open doors you need the correct

Use abbrevations:

Don't Forget to Close Doors; if you there are too
many doors open, you'll have a problem later!!

Save after solving each puzzle!! If you get lost
in the maze you can restart from a well known point.

A few times you can "KILL ME W AXE" which
will bring you back to your cell again. That is
useful if you are lost, or you want to go there.
SAVE before you do this!!


Part 1 (first maze and  hexagonal maze)
- take credit card  (G1)
- free inmate with credit card
- walk through Credit Card Door  (C)
- fetch gold card (G2)
- fetch silver card (G3)
- fetch stethoscope (G4), bean bag (G5), bird costume (G6) 
- drop bean bag and bird costume at one end of the longest corridor 
  (first maze, on the very right side) 
- fetch candle and matches (from the long corridor with doors on both sides:
    lock all doors (left and right) with the silver card;
    then it will be either on the left or the right side behind 
    one of the doors)
- fetch axe (G7)
- You here hammering! A wall is being built! => you are trapped!
- walk around till you meet electrician 
- "kill electrician with axe"
- take fuse
- attack hypochondriac with axe => electro-shock room (6) => own cell
- get rocket belt (G8)
- visit Physicist  (8) (she needs magnet, battery and wire)
- go to fuse room (2) and "mix fuses"
- go to the longest corridor (you should have dropped the bean bag at one
    end!), go to other end wear rocket belt and "press button on belt" -
   YIPEEE => wire
- attack hypochondriac with axe  => electro-shock room (6)
- take battery
- light candle with matches
- go to fuse room as quick and as direct as possible!!
    (otherwise the candle will extinguish before you reach it)
- "put fuse in fuse box" ["put fuse in circuit"]
- give stethoscope to hypochondraic and attack her (without axe!) 
  => take drugs 
- visit plastic surgeon (7) 
- you will be operated on => you are Alfred Hitchcock
- visit director (5)  => camera
- give the bird costume to the guard => uniform
- wear uniform
- go to telephone (4) 
- "hack telephone with axe" => coins
- "hack receiver with axe" => magnet
- visit Physicist (8) => generator
- go to Psychiatrist's room (3) 
- "press button on generator" => smock
- wear smock
- go to guards  (Wachen) [Doctors only]

=> End of Part 1

Part 2 (all mazes)

- get platin card
- fetch rat suit (20) and rope (22) (use door I and )
- go to  exterminator (13)
- "tie exterminator with rope" (if he throws you out try again, 
               but use "TIPTOE" before entering)
- slip on the banana peel TWO times !!! (25)  => book
- get banana peel; examine it => caterpillar
- visit spiritual master (11) 
- "give book to philospher" => scroll
- fetch knife (26)  (Attention: knife is in the lower left 
     corner  in the   -maze; 
     there are some strange effects (esp. the walls!!)
     follow the arrows on the map and turn a few times;
     after that I always found the knife)
- go to terrorist (12)
- "kill me with knife" yes that is right: ME!!
- examine machine
- visit programmer (23) (use Alpha-Door, II, III)
- fetch bomb (12) ("insert coin in slot")
- go to catapult (21)
- "put bomb on catapult"
- "press button on wall"
- "sit on catapult"
- "press button on wall"
- you fly to the center of the revolving doors
- turn a few times; take jar
- visit entomologist (10) ("give caterpillar to entomol")
    => killer ants
- visit plastic surgeon  ("give coin to surgeon") 
   => you are James T. Kirk
- visit picknicker (24) (use Door III) ("open jar") => lunch
- "wear rat suit"
- free McCoy (31) (use Door III, II, IIa)  (the last maze - at last!!)
  => transporter
- visit plastic surgeon  ("give coin to surgeon") 
    => you are Andy Tailor
- visit emmit (14)  ("give lunch to emmit")
    => transporter ok
- visit plastic surgeon ("give coin to surgeon") 
    => you are Master Mystic
- go to the door where the Master Mystic is (32)
- "drop rat suit"
- "press button on transporter"
- go through the door without opening it!
- take ring
- get and wear rat suit
- go back to your own cell
- "get picture from under bed"
- visit plastic surgeon  ("show picture to surgeon") 
   => you are yourself again!
- go to guards  (Wachen) (if  this doesn't work you are in your
      cell again; just go to the guards again)