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Ready-to-Play Emulator
Jeff Vavasour's TRS-80 Model I Emulator

Game Files

Rat's Revenge
Deathmaze 5000
Asylum 2

How to play these games

If you use the Ready-to-Play Emulator you have already got the operating system and the ROM-file.

You start the emulator by either double-clicking on "MODEL1.EXE" or by entering MODEL1 in your command prompt.

There should be the start screen of NEWDOS/80 with the prompt "NEWDOS/80 READY".

Now press "F1"-key to get the Setup-Screen.

The most important settings are

  • "F2" ... Virtual Disk Menu

  • "F4" ... Virtual Tape Menu

    To play the games download the game files and use the Virtual Disk Menu to put the disks into drive 1-3. Leave ND80.DSK in drive 0, because this is the operating system.

    To start the games just type their name at the prompt
    (Labyrinth = LAB, Deathmaze 5000 = DM5000, Asylum = ASYLUM, Asylum 2 = ASYLUM2).

    To play Rat's Revenge you have to switch into BASIC-mode by typing BASIC at the prompt, then load it (LOAD "RAT/BAS") and start it (RUN).

    To save and restore your game (very important!!!!) use the virtual tape menu. You have to set a name first, then set the correct mode (PLAYBACK for restoring, *RECORD* for saving) and then LOAD or SAVE from the game itself.

    Hope this helps!!!!

    Magic Chris